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The Infrared Experience - Official Albums

The Infrared Experience

Bandmembers: YES, from different countries, from planet earth, guitar players

The music of Infrared Experience is ONLY made by using guitars and guitar effects!

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The Infrared Experience - Official Albums

(CMP 31) The Infrared Experience - The Dirty Drones of Thrones

With the 3rd official album , The Infrared Experience are releasing a really deep, dark, somehow avant-garde like and psychedelic, hypnotic drone guitar soundscape album.
It is filled with thoughts about politics, greed, corruption, addictions, triviality of today's life and the real life behind the mask, humans like to use to hide their real identity.
The Infrared Experience is using only guitars and effect pedals to express their thoughts and music.
No computer sounds and no voices, so no lyrics, just the track titles like "Lies of Democracy", "Don't let 'em Steal Your Integrity" or "Life after Corruption", for example.
9 exclusive tracks, 45minutes and an excellent album with the strong title "The Dirty Drones of Thrones".

The CD comes limited with a prof. printed thick deluxe 8 page booklet with additional inlay card (prof. printed on both sides) in Jewel Case
presented from your favourite label with the big toothbrush "ContraMusikProduktion (CMP)"
The complete artwork of the printed cover has been created and photographed by Mr. Ralf Rabendorn, who also helped with the recording and general production and this and that.

Also for
People who like the music of "Stars of the Lid", early "Pink Floyd", "Windy & Carl", "Amp" "Flying Saucer Attack" and similar music!

Digital download available from all well known sellers

Release date: 1st day of Spring 2015, perfect for dark hazy drones

-->SOUNDSAMPLES of all Tracks

Against it Records:

-->Concreteweb(engl)     (or saved version)


Digital version:

and many more. search for it in your favourite digital online store or streaming service Amazon worldwide, look for your own country

(X15) The Infrared Experience - Memories, Waves & Frowns (2001/2012)

General Info
We welcome back The Infrared Experience (Location still unknown) with a brand new instrumental CD and there is an enormous variety (or creativity, if you like) going on here.
From experimental & contemporary music to (guitar) post rock to organic (guitar) ambient (sometimes dark) soundscapes.

And maybe also for people who like a mix of Steve Reich, Roy Montgomery, Set Fire to Flames, Philip Glass,
Stars of the Lid, (experimental) Sonic Youth etc (to name the most known)

Actually we have more or less 3 parts here:
First there are these rather melodic, slow progressing and sometimes melancholic tracks,
then we have these experimental songs and finally tracks who are more or less floating.
All these tracks fit together nicely and combine to an excellent "whole".
Sometimes it is hard to believe that all sounds have been created only with electric guitars and a few guitar effect pedals, but it's a fact.

This is the second full length album by The Infrared Experience and it is probably even better than the appreciated debut "White".
But you really need to listen to the entire album to appreciate the variety & ideas.

Stuff: tie (guitars)
Photography, artwork/cover design and audio post-production & mastering by Ralf Rabendorn

CD Info:
Limited prof collectors edition, pro diamond dyes,
AiR Digipack design, thick cardboard with special coat, waterproof
Nice monochrome art in black&white (outside), sepia (inside) & monochrome blue (middle/CD)
NEW COVERS printed by a professional printing plant!
50 min playing time
Release date: December 24th 2011

Due to the larger and heavier new covers the shipping costs are much more expensive compared to all previous releases,
but we still try to keep the prices low!!! We hope you appreciate it

Support the Underground, the excellent artists and our little label
and its idea to release unique little jewels as a REAL release.
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

01-Not for Sale * 02-I Hate to Hate * 03-A Slow Crash * 04-She is Silent (Waiting for a Drop of Light) * 05-It Will Happen (Union) * 06-Life as a Waiting Room * 07-Don’t get Lost in the Waiting Room * 08-Kept in the Dark|Mistakes * 09-Midmost * 10-A New Day is Waiting at the End of the Darkness * 11-You Should Open Your Eyes Now

1  2

(X9) Understanding Time (Part 1) (2010)
(feat.) The Infrared Experience | Flat Black Project | Bleeding Thorax

All songs have been exclusively recorded for our new 3 way split series.
Each Band/Artist has contributed a brand new EP/Mini album (ca. 20 minutes each)

“The Infrared Experience” (6 tracks) from planet earth offers you music created only by an electric guitar and a few fx pedals (no programming/editing/software), although one could think that many different sound sources have been used. The music can be experimental, (dark) ambient, but also (melodic) ambient post rock. It is the second official release after the album "White".

“Bleeding Thorax” (3 tracks) (USA) creates sounds of an intense and often spooky atmosphere. Somehow minimalistic but also hypnotic.
From darker drones to ambient noise. This is the first official release by this fine project.

“Flat Black Project" (5 tracks)from USA has released a couple of fine releases in the past,
but these exclusive songs belong to the best tracks that FBP has recorded so far.
Minimalistic ambient guitar sounds mixed with vocal samples (movies).
You have these spacey drones but also experimental(jazzy/concrete)ambient guitar tracks.Very good work indeed!

This 3 way split is for friends who like ambient/dark/spooky drones, experimental ambient (guitar) sounds and ambient post(rock)

Limited 1st collectors edition, pro printed photocard cover with very nice glossy front,
 Prof. diamond dyes (pro ink printed (sealed)), re-closable protection sleeve
60 minutes playing time!

Pictures, artwork, cover design & CD-Mastering by Ralf Rabendorn

Release date: Nine Eleven 2010

Sound Samples:
The Infrared Experience: 1 | 2 | 3
Bleeding Thorax: 1 |
Flat Black Project: 1 | 2 | 3

1 | 2

(CMP 22)  The Infrared Experience - White (2009)
Pure instrumental guitar project with two "faces". A few songs are really melodic, beautiful. Some kind of ambient post-rock. On the other side there are these disturbing sound textures in some songs.
For friends of ambient guitar/(ambient) post rock/ MEDUSADA/ experimental guitar/ ambient etc..Friends of early Kranky stuff, Flying Saucer Attack, Roy Montgomery,Windy&Carl, etc. could also like this album.
It's important to mention that No Computer, No Samples and No Synths were used. Just one guitar and a few effect pedals.
Exclusive limited collectors edition,prof. 3x foldable (6 panel) cover (kind of digisleeve), pro printed (b&w) on both sides, protection PVC bag. CD surface is of course printed and sealed. Artwork and photography by Ralf Rabendorn. (IL)
soundsample1 | soundample2 | soundsample3 | soundsample4
 -->Review (Engl. Heathen Harvest)
Release date: 15. June 2009


Digital Version in all formats incl full resolution artwork (booklet version)
Immediate download!
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