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DIVERSE - Official Albums

Diverse international artists plus Against it Records albums.

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DIVERSE - Official Albums

ALL Against it Records albums:
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(CMP 23) Rita Galetti - Falter (2009)
Canadian female sound artist & guitarist "Rita Galetti" has recorded 9 wonderful experimental tracks (around 50 minutes of playing time), who offer great variety and depth.
You can hear drones, sound sculptures, experimental guitar sounds, field recordings, electro acoustic, noise, ambient and so much more. This album doesn't only offer experimental music. Rita also knows how to create fine melodies and great moods.
It's none of the albums, who drift away much too often into emotionless musical experiments.  
The songs and sounds have been recorded with great effort on 4-track tape (!), so don't expect sterile sounding computer music. No doubt, "Falter" is an excellent debut album!(RR)

Strictly limited collectors edition, prof. 3x foldable (6 panel) cover (digisleeve like), prof. printed in b&w on both sides, prof. thermo printed CD, pvc protection sleeve.

Artwork & photography by Ralf Rabendorn.

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3 | soundsample4 | soundsample5

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Release date: 21. July 2009


Digital Version in all formats incl full resolution artwork (booklet version)
Immediate download!
Buy officially here

(CMP 19) "No Context - Lines to follow colour changes in leaves" (2008)
This UK electronic-avantgarde trio brings you a very organic and intelligent record.
A beautiful album for fans of electronic/improvisation/electro-avantgarde/ambient/manipulated noises/micro sounds etc.
New 13x18 photo cover, 3 photographs, full ink diamond dyes(sealed).
Artwork & pictures by R. Rabendorn.(IL)

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundample3 | soundsample4
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Street date: 30. September 2008


(CMP 18) "Dead Industrie - Distant Whispers" (2008)
(Dark) ambient/ soundtrack / experimental
Great atmospheric music from US artist John Fink Jr.
Highly recommended
New 13x18 photo cover with 4 fine pictures taken by John. Pro thermo CD.

soundsample1 | soundsample2

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Street date: 25. August 2008


(OR006) "Conversations About The Light - A Retrospective"
(Label : Ominous Recordings)
The last full length album of the great project CATL. Robert Osgood, the man behind the project, did some fantastic work here. This album is a very intelligent mix of experimental dark ambient, drone and noise elements. It IS a dark album, but for sure not the typical and often boring "hail satan" stuff.
This album gets our highest possible recommendation. (RR)
Pro CD-R, pro printed booklet and inlay card, jewel case.
Price: 5,50€ (shipping not included)