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Iri Li - Official Albums

Iri Li

Iri Li is also a member of The Infinitus Ensemble and sings with Lunalilith.
She is currently not releasing much music, but she is still very active in the background.

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Iri Li - Official Albums

Iri Li & Testphasen negativ - DAEMONIUM (2009)
Label: GiN-Label (China)
A very rare item. Dark and gloomy concept album and a few experiments.
A very special musical journey to or with your inner voice?!
Original music performed by Iri Li, a few sounds added by Testphasen negativ. Then the original material was manipulated by Ralf Rabendorn (T.n.).
3" CD-R Prof. printed and fine cover in an unique protection bag. A rare collectors edition. Photo & design by Ralf Rabendorn. A few in stock.

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(CMP 20) "Iri Li - Broken Summer" (2008)
The queen of the MEDUSADA movement/genre and the driving force of the Infinitus Ensemble
has released her first solo album. Almost pure instrumental. You can hear acoustic violins, singing bowls, synths, piano, bells, gong, special field recordings (all recorded by herself) and sound manipulations, ambient soundscapes and much more.
Without a doubt one of  THE CMP highlights so far.
Therefore it comes in a great looking prof. Digipack!
For friends and fans of: MEDUSADA/ Conrète/ Avantgarde/ Electro- Acoustic/
(Dark) Ambient/ Surrealism/ Field Rec./ Drone/ Soundscapes/ Ritual/ DaDa etc 
Production, front pic & design by Ralf Rabendorn, all other pictures taken by Iri Li. (RR)

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3 | soundsample4 | soundsample5

-->Review (Ger. KulturTerrorismus)
-->Review (Engl. Heathen Harvest)
-->Review (Engl. Wonderful Wooden Reasons)

Street date: 25. December 2008


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