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Lunalilith - Official Albums

  Iri from Lunalilith

  Irina - Vocals, Synthesizers and additional noises
  Ralli - All other instruments and vocals
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Lunalilith - Official Albums

(CMP 25) Lunalilith - Walls vs. Love (2010)
Second Lunalilith album since 1999. This album is filled with very melodic and sometimes melancholic tunes, mostly sung by Irina  on lead vocals, while she also added a few additional synths sounds and occasional "noises". Ralli  also contributed a few vocals here and there and he performed all instruments like electric guitars, piano, acoustic drums, bass. synths etc.

Irina's fragile and sugar-sweet voice is definitely a trademark of this record, together with the fine instrumentation and melodic compositions. 
For friends of: Indie, Post Rock, 70's Rock, Ambient Rock......
It took a long time, till our new album here has been released and financed, that comes as a pro version with pro 6 panel digipak and it looks really gorgeous!
This is our most expensive and most comprehensive release to date!
Never-Ending Story | Out of Time and Space | Sad Cliché | Viel zu weit | Little Fool | The Devil’s Got a Hold on Me | Insel | Nothing but Lies | Für immer Licht (Insel 2) |
The Return: (Part 1:) I Believe in Us | (Part 2:) Return

Release date: 7. December 2010
-->Review (Ger. No Easy Listening
-->Review (Eng. CINYF)
Sound Samples
Additional distribution by Against it Records, our Soul-Sister label, who also supported this release.


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First album "The 2 Wonders of the 7" from 1998 is long gone!