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                       Affordable Audio Mastering
by our Engineer Ralf Rabendorn

You need a professional sounding master of your entire album (length up to 79 minutes), your EP or for just one song?
You don't have much money, but you want a good sounding master anyway? Well, read on.

I am mastering albums and songs for all kind of genres (Alternative, Dark Ambient, Jazz, Rock, Concrete, Noise etc)

Loudness is not everything. Dynamics are much more important and I always try to keep em alive.
Of course I will also push the loudness, as long as the music can still breathe.. No worries. You will immidiately notice a jump in loudnes.
The most time intensive work in mastering is using different EQ settings within one song, beside a couple of other devices.
I do NOT use automatic software settings that do the job. I use my ears and do this manually and individually for EVERY single song.
It is REALLY time consuming the way I master music!

I am also a friend of seamingless/gapless concept albums (no simple fade in/out).
I put a lot of effort in it, but of course this also depends on the material you send me.
It's always worth a try. If you want me to try it, let me know.

I only work with uncompressed files (Wave files etc), so please don't send MP3's.
I will only accept them, if you have lost the original files.

When my job is done you will receive single mastered files in 24bit(for example), or an image/iso  or an red book compatible audio cd (plus 12,90€)

To make audio mastering affordable here are the prices: 
15€ for ONE song (up to 9 minutes)
50€ for an EP up to ca. 30 minutes (EP= 1-5 songs)
75€ for a full length up to ca. 60 minutes
85€ for a full length up to ca. 79 minutes

Gapless audio mix: depends on the complexity and the time we have to invest, but it will NOT be very expensive
 ca. 10-30€

(You can pay with PayPal, Bank Transfer or even Cash)
message me here