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Ralf Rabendorn - Discography


Ralf Rabendorn's variously sounding solo projects under his own name.
All instruments by Mr. Rabendorn. Of course only REAL instruments and voices and no computer sounds.

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Ralf Rabendorn - Official Albums

(cover is b&w in correct lighting)

(CMP 30) Ralf Rabendorn - Among Black Hearts (2014)

He is back.
Back with  a three track EP
Back with  melancholic, dark and very melodic tracks.
Back with ballads from a darker, melancholic underground, that sometimes feels like a childhood full of lonely nights. But attention...don't overlook the sarcasm

He is singing and moaning, showing the feelings you have when you don't want to talk that much.
Are we allowed to say, back with great music and back with another big steps towards the music in his head?

Hints of classic ballads, hints of goth-rock & folk, hints of avant-garde, hints of a lost Underground songwriter and even hints of pop!

All  instruments performed by Mr. Rabendorn.

EXTREMELY LIMITED deluxe CD edition.
8x foldable deluxe cover, professional printed on CANVAS Paper 3" CD

Also (sooner or later) available on ALL digital platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play etc

Release date: November 2014

Soundsamples (full streaming!)

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(CMP 26) Ralf Rabendorn - Exile (2012)
Finally the full 4th length album "Exile" by Mr. Ralf Rabendorn that comes out just one day before the official End of the World!
This album has more different (experimental) rock elements than earlier solo albums, though it is not a typical rock album, of course.
Still MedusaDa, still a mix of different styles like: noisy post rock, avantgarde, avant--prog-rock, dark ambient, krautrock elements and experimental music in general.

Mr. Rabendorn recorded the majority of songs already in 2008. He almost didn't release this jewel,
that also features a 5 songs with words written by Mr. Gregory James Wyrick (*).
Everything else was written and performed by Rabendorn himself on instruments like electr. guitars, bass, acoustic drums, piano computer stuff!

"Exile" is a concept album. It's about you, about me. You may not understand every word of the German and English lyrics but you may enjoy it,especially if you kept yourself some of your childish imagination.

This release is a triple label collaboration release of Against it Records & ContraMusikProduktion & Global Hideout. The latter  is officially offering the digital version, too and you can also buy the CD through their store.

Photography (one pic by Iri Li though), artwork/cover design and production & mastering by Ralf Rabendorn

Limited pro collectors edition, Prof. diamond dyes,
professional plant printed oversized and beautiful 6 panel cover!!!

52 minutes playing time!
Release date: December, 20th 2012

Tracklist & Soundsamples:
1 Intro  2 Slip Away, pt.1*  3 Tiefer ins Exil  4 Une Étude de l'Exil (1) 
5 The Dark Exile  6 Repentance of Midnight*  7 Das ungute Gefühl
8 Paul (für P.C.)  9 Decoy*  10 1)Freihändig Richtung Abgrund / 2)Nicotiana*
11 Rast  12 The Collectors of Minutes*  13 Une Étude de l'Exil (2)
14 Rapid Eye Movement  15 Vor Augen  16 Slip Away, pt.2*


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(X14) Ralf Rabendorn - Aschenflucht (2011)
Ralf Rabendorn's new album "Aschenflucht" (majority of songs recorded 2009) offers a mix of well known elements like
Psychedelic-, Experimental-, Progressive- & Noise- Rock elements, occasional Spoken Words and also hints of (Dark) Ambient & Experimental Jazz.
Maybe others would use slightly different tags.

The album has in general a darker atmosphere that tries to support the story of this concept album.
Music wise it is a typical MEDUSADA album--->hard to categorize.

... featuring Ralf Rabendorn on instruments like:
Acoustic Drums, Piano, electric guitars, prepared guitar, objects, bass guitar, voice, synths, organ and more.

Production, mastering, photography & cover design of course by Rabendorn himself 

Limited 1st collectors edition, NEW Prof. diamond dyes (highest grade),
 pro ink prin t(non-sealed for a satin look),
 pro printed special foldable DIY digi cover on NEW high quality satin photo paper!
49 minutes playing time!
Release date: June, 15th 2011

01-Wankelmut (Intro) | 02-Gedankenberg | 03-Unter-Grund | 04-Poison | 05-Das Uhrwerk | 06-Herzstück | 07-Sonntagsgedanken
08-Mittelweg | 09-Scheideweg | 10-Wartend auf Entscheidung | 11-Oberfläche | 12-Rochade | 13-Krise? Nicht, dass ich wüsste!

The sound samples do not really represent the entire album.
Sound Samples:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

-->1 (Engl.)
-->2 (deutsch)

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(X7) Ralf Rabendorn - Fragments of Life
Ralf Rabendorn's new album (recorded somewhere between 06-08) offers a mix of Dark Exp.Jazz, Avant-Garde, Concrète,
Piano Music, exp. Kraut elements, Ambient hints and some Psychedelic stuff. Typical MEDUSADA album, hard to categorize.
This old man is also known for being the head of Testphasen negativ and a member of Infinitus Ensemble and so on and so forth.
Prof. recordings featuring Rabendorn on instruments like:
Acoustic Drums, Piano, electric & drill guitars, objects, bass guitar, voice, synths and more.

Production, mastering, photography & cover design of course by Rabendorn himself 

Limited 1st collectors edition (77 copies), Prof. diamond dyes, pro ink print(sealed),
 pro printed special foldable DIY digipack cover
45 minutes playing time!
Release date: July, 7th 2010

1 Intro 2 Clarification  3 Viel zu früh (Ein Jahr)  4 Hey John, am I Dying?  5 Fragment 1 (for Mechanical Piano)
6 Angst!  7 Dialogue-Monologue  8 Fragment  2 (for Mechanical Piano)
9 See See Seven & the Gate of Heaven  10 DaDa Makes the World Go Round
11 Humility & Dignity and the Sleepy Butterfly  12 Just Cold Turkey
13 Fragments of Life  14 Outro

The sound samples do not really represent the entire album.
Short Sound Samples:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7


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(CMP 10) "Ralf Rabendorn - Zwischen Stadtmauern" (2005/2006)
MEDUSADA, avant-garde, noise, (dark) ambient, a few hints of post-rock, experimental, radio play.This concept album brings you great atmospheric songs with occasional German spoken words.
 Comes in a special made cover with additional photos with lyrics.(IL)

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3soundsample4

only a few in stock

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(CMP 9) (double CD)- "Ralf Rabendorn präsentiert - Schweig still !"
(with Schabe, Protuberanz, Steinrausch, Infinitus Ensemble, Rabendorn)
Experimental, Krautrock, noise, avant-garde, post rock, lo-fi sounds, ambient
Special made cover with additional photos and lyric sheet.
This is not a label compilation, all tracks are exclusive and it's a concept double album!!(RR)
sold out