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Choose your shipping costs!

You will receive an email, when we have received your order.
Normally we ship within 2 working days. We send with Air mail for fast delivery.
Please notice that you save a lot of money for shipping costs if you order more CD's at once!!!
You have also the possibility to add "a registered package" to the shopping cart, though normally we not often had problems with unregistered (normal) packages. But of course this is your decision!!

Please add the appropriate shipping costs to your shopping cart !
These costs include ALL costs like PayPal fees and packaging.

Shipping cost options (if needed / sofern notwendig)
For Germany & Worldwide
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Package as registered mail:

Please add the following OPTION to the shopping cart, but only ONE time.
It doesn't matter how many CD's you order. We never had problems with packages who has been sent unregistered. This is just an additional option and NO must.

2,20€ for registered mail including tracking number WORLDWIDE, EU & Germany.

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With best wishes, your CMP-Crew!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!