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R.J. Schrey - Official Albums

r.j. schrey

Crazy Noise and darkest Ambient magician R.J. Schrey, who was the original founder of Against it Records with his solo works and collaborations !

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R.J. Schrey - Official Albums

(X4) R.J. Schrey & IOIOI - The Healing Breakdown
I dare to say that you will love this record,if you dig experimental music, unexpected musical ideas,
dark ambient/industrial/shoegaze/noise/electro acoustic/field recordings/power electronic/guitar-ambient/lo-fi- elements
and stuff like that mixed together. We would call it a MEDUSADA album here.

Pictures, artwork & cover idea and also mastering by Ralf Rabendorn

Limited 1st collectors edition (30 for public sale):
Prof CD-R, diamond dyes, pro ink print (sealed), pro printed DIY digipak

release date: April, 16th, 2010

Part 1 (20'26): Breakdown     Part 2 (19'30): Sia|Così Sia|Amen|Empty Mirror

Part 1 samples: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |
Part 2 samples: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |


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GiN 003 - " R.J. Schrey - The Riddle of Freedom"
Released on the fine Chinese GiN-Label.
Mr. Schrey brings you a great concept mini album with reduced noise elements. You can hear excellent atmospheric sounds mixed with concrète-like piano stuff, guitar sounds and more experimental music. A must have for friends of RJ Schrey and friends of MEDUSADA, Noise-Concrète and experimental music in general. 
3" mini CD concept album, prof printed cover. The whole stuff is sealed!! it looks amazing. A big thanks to our Chinese friends for this great release. Artwork & pic by R. Rabendorn.
We are acting as the main distributor!  (OT)

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3 

VERY RARE...maybe 10 copies left!


(RNF-034) "R.J. Schrey with Kenji Siratori- Future Embryo"
Released by the good Noise label "RONF-Records" from Spain.
Damn, this "Baby" hails from a dark future and it is bringing you a mix of intensive dark noise (ambient), harsh industrial elements and dark ambient music. Very deep and intensive.
Probably the best Kenji collabs out there. 
Limited first edition of only 90 copies. We only have a few in stock!!!!
Pro printed CD-R, pro printed inlay card in PVC protection sleeve.

Visit RJ Schrey@MySpace for samples


(RJS 1) "R.J. Schrey - The Army of 7"
(Label: RJS-Records) 
The first part of the "7" trilogy (We have released part two "The 7 hidden chapters").
This is a very powerful concept album: dark, intensive, loud (sometimes) and interlaced.
This album has also been released on some other label, but unfortunately RJ told us that he never received any copies. After one year of waiting in vain he decided to release it on RJS-Records. This time as a pro CD-R (printed & sealed), big DVD cover, including a DVD case.
Front picture taken by Ralf Rabendorn.
A MUST HAVE for R.J. Schrey fans!
RJ Schrey@Facebook


Digital Version in all formats incl. full resolution artwork (booklet version)
Immediate download!
Buy officially here

(CMP 17) "R.J. Schrey - The 7 Hidden Chapters" (2008)
Experimental dark noise ambient, sometimes harsh, with a few field recordings and other noises. Second concept album of the "7" series. Definitely not the typical noise album.
A very own universe of sound.

Comes with the new 13x18 photo card cover and additional picture, in photo wrapper, full colour ink printed prof diamond dyes(sealed). Frontcover by R. Rabendorn. (OT)

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3

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Street date: 26. April 2008