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Schabe - Official Albums


Schabe was a German Krautrock Band starting their unknown career in 1998. They never split up officially,
but they haven't released new material since 2002.
Some bandmembers are still active in bands, which you can find here!

Maike Degand - Organ, Voice & Noises
Iri Li - Synthesizers & Noises
Kai Neufang - Drums
Ralf Rabendorn - Guitars, Vocals & Noises

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SCHABE - Official Albums

(CMP W 2) "Schabe - Nachtfisch" (Re-Release Series) (2007)
The first issue of this album by the German quartet "Schabe" came out in 1999.
Instrumental, Krautrock, ambient, experimental.
Comes in a special made cover with additional photos.
(second edition, remastered & edited)

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3

A strictly limited second edition is out now (only a few left)!

Chose your option!

(CMP 9) (double CD)- "Ralf Rabendorn präsentiert - Schweig still !"
(with Schabe, Protuberanz, Steinrausch, Infinitus Ensemble, Rabendorn)
Experimental, Krautrock, noise, avant-garde, post rock, lo-fi sounds, ambient
Special made cover with additional photos and lyric sheet.
This is not a label compilation, all tracks are exclusive and it's a concept double album!!(RR)
sold out

sold out first editions

Schabe : Schabe 1 (3CD's)(1998)

Schabe : In der Anstalt (1999)

Schabe : Nachtfisch (1999)
limited 2nd edition with real photographs    CD - CMP Webstore

Schabe : Einmal Hölle und zurück (1999)

Schabe : Scheinwelt (1999/2000)

Schabe : Denk an mich!(2000/2001)