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Steinrausch - Official Albums


With band members from Ralf Rabendorn, Infinitus Ensemble, The Moan of the Sky, Schabe

The band is inactive since years, but they are working on a unreleased material,recorded for a new album!
The band is not very much interested in internet stuff.

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Steinrausch - Official Albums

(CMP 8) "Steinrausch - Das letzte hungrige Biest" (2005/2006)
Rough-industrial rock, underground goth, experimental,
hints of (dark) ambient, exp. rock,
incl. the E.N. cover "letztes Biest"(2 versions).
Comes in a special made cover with additional photos and lyric sheet.
Second edition. Comes in pvc sleeve with new booklet, lyrics & 3 additional photographs.

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3 | soundsample4

only a few in stock


Digital Version (very inexpensive) in all formats incl full resolution artwork (booklet version)
Immediate download!
Buy officially here

(CMP 6) "Steinrausch - Das Grundgerüst"
Rock, ambient, experimental alternative rock, political.
Hand made cover incl lyrics.
sold out

(CMP 4) "Steinrausch - Feuerrausch und Alltagswahn"
Experimental, rough-industrial, ambient, rock, alternative.
sold out

(CMP 2) "Steinrausch - Die EP der willigen Koalitionen" (2003)
Rough-industrial, punk-industrial, experimental, rock, noise-rock.
The anti-bush album, released as the USA "declared" war on Iraq again.
(20/03/2003--for all the number fetishists and "conspiracy terrorists"...)
Including bush speech in English with German interpreter.
Great energetic level, rough and dirty. Highly recommended.
sold out

(CMP 1) "Steinrausch - Komatös" (2002/2003)
Experimental, minimalistic rough-industrial, alternative, ambient rock
Booklet & inlay in jewel case.
sold out