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Testphasen negativ - Official Albums

Testphasen negativ

Ralf Rabendorn - Instruments (Drums, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Synth, Noises, Vocals, Bass and much more...REAL instruments btw!)
Jarosch von der Grünen Alm  (died October 24th 2012 and is STILL a member of this group) - Instruments , Noises & Vocals
The Choir of the Last Flame - Human Choir (REAL voices!)

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Testphasen negativ - Official Albums

(CMP 29) Testphasen negativ - The Final Hours (2013)

In the words of Mr. Rabendorn:
 "I'm currently signing the (very) limited edition of the new Testphasen negativ album.
 I'm so happy with the quality of the covers (the best of all we did at CMP) and the whole release.
 This music on this album is definitely not for everyone and nothing for school-kids.
 It's about a journey to death, if you will.
 To me it is the most emotional TN album so far. Somehow quiet, solemn and serious.
 The music itself is still experimental-organic-progressive-dark-ambient
 I hope some of you may appreciate it.

 I am really happy with it and especially proud, cause it made a long way round (2008-2013) and my good friend passed away in the meantime. To him this work is dedicated and he left some marks, too, on this album, before he died.

 Release date is 24th October 2013, exactly one year after he passed away.
 I love u, brother......RR"

Produced and mixed by Mr. Rabendorn, as one piece, without gaps.
Therefore we can only recommend the real thing, the CD!

Jarosch von der grünen Alm, Ralf Rabendorn, The Choir of the Last Flame

Photography, artwork/cover design and production & mastering by Ralf Rabendorn

Very limited 1st collectors edition that comes in a huge 6 panel cover (prof. printed), extra film lamination, and with additional 4 photos, added to each CD. These are real printed photographs.
Also Mr. Rabendorn himself signed each release of this limited edition!

Do not miss this unique opportunity!

That uncertain feeling | Like a moth | Dunkelheit | Losing belief | Zwischenwelt |Zeitloch |
'Escape from life | Sail away my beloved friend | Lightless | The final hours | The last mile

Release date: 24.October 2013
Running Time: 49 Minutes / 11 tracks (gapless mix, buy the CD for optimum listening pleasure)

also available worldwide  as a digital download on
Google Play
streaming on Spotify etc pp.



(CMP 27) Testphasen negativ - Perspectives (E.P.) (2013)
It's been a long time since the last TN output, but now the first sign of life in years.

"Perspectives"  contains two songs from the upcoming album "The Final Hours" (October 2013)
and also unreleased material, only available on this EP.
It's a very moody dark organic experimental ambient EP. We hope you will be happy with it.
The complete artwork is included in full resolution.
You can also download the booklet artwork  HERE in full resolution.

Pictures, artwork, production and mastering by Mr. Rabendorn

"This is a present to all fans and supporters to celebrate the 6. of July (Birthday of the dead Testphasen negativ member)
and it has also been released to say "sorry", because of the postponed and long awaited next album.
The album WILL definitely be released this year in October.
Thanks friends...Testphasen negativ"

like a moth | zeitloch | the ghost in the organic machine | asylantis | fearless

Release date: 6.July 2013
Running Time: 22 Minutes / 5tracks
Download for FREE  HERE

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3) download
...simple as that!!!

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(CMP 24) Testphasen negativ - Hostia (2009)
"Testphasen negativ, Ralf Rabendorn's experimental dark project, brings you an album filled with dark ambient sounds. This time the sound on the album is probably more consequent (dark) ambient than on previous albums, which means: Less experimental (for TN standards).
Many choir sounds have been used (real voices, no midi stuff in general), mixed with TN's very own atmospheric sounds. The classic song "fading" (an older version was free available) has also made it on this album, in a slightly different and re-mastered version though.
A few, rather melodic ambient songs (Spark, Before the Afterlife) lift the dark mood of this unique album. (OT/ CMP-Crew)"
For friends of: MEDUSADA, Dark Ambient, Atmosfear, Choral, Ritual, Experimental Ambient, Spiritual (kind of), Dark Drones, etc
Artwork, photography and production by Ralf Rabendorn.

Tracklist & Samples:
always & forever | selbstverstümmelung | cigarettes & thoughts | fading | feels like the end of the world | gegenschmerz | spark | prayer (free MP3) | strength | before the afterlife

CD Version with original gapless mix released by ContraMusikProduktion (CMP)!
Digital album version with single tracks (non gapless) officially available through BANDCAMP!
DIGITAL version available HERE
CD comes in a jewel case, good looking booklet and inlay card, pro diamond dye, pro printed.

Release date: 5th/6th December 2009  

Digital Version in all formats incl full resolution artwork (booklet version)
Immediate download!
Buy officially here

Iri Li & Testphasen negativ - DAEMONIUM (2009)
Label: GiN-Label (China)
A very rare item. Dark and gloomy concept album and a few experiments.
A very special musical journey to or with your inner voice?!
Original music performed by Iri Li, a few sounds added by Testphasen negativ. Then the original material was manipulated by Ralf Rabendorn (T.n.).
3" CD-R Prof. printed and fine cover in an unique protection bag. A rare collectors edition. Photo & design by Ralf Rabendorn. A few in stock.

-->10€ including all costs worldwide! No additional shipping costs for this option!
-->7,50€ if you combine it with
other CD's(=without shipping)
     (then it counts as one CD)

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(CMP 21)  "Testphasen negativ - Burn, Giant, Burn!" (2009)
The follow up album to the appreciated debut "How I won the War" is out now.
It's hard to describe this concept album.
Maybe experimental psychedelic ritual dark ambient noise music? MEDUSADA?
I guess the best description is "Testphasen negativ".
Featuring Kenji Siratori on "Anti-Vital" and the "Choir of the Last Flame" on various tracks.(OT)

This exclusive limited collectors edition comes in a prof. 3x foldable (6 panel) oversized 13x18cm cover, prof. printed on both sides on special linen cardboard paper (b&w print) in a reclosable protection bag, diamond dye of course. Only available through us. Artwork by R. Rabendorn (OT)

soundsample1 | soundsample2 | soundsample3 | soundsample4

-->Review (Engl. Heathen Harvest)
Release date: 16. April 2009

CD Version Options!

Digital Version in all formats incl full resolution artwork (booklet version)
Immediate download!
Buy officially here

tn-cd pack
SHM2- "Testphasen negativ - How I won the War"
Sérpéné Héli Music released the experimental, dark ambient album "How I Won the War".
This is not the typical dark ambient album. Rare hints of (dark?) Rock (Noise & Post) and electronic elements can also be found on the album. Nevertheless it is a damn dark album ;-)
This is Ralf Rabendorn's  project "Testphasen negativ".
We have a few copies of this highly appreciated debut in stock.
The professional pressed CD comes in a 3x A5 foldable cover (printed on both sides), additional printed CD cardboard sleeve. Original pictures taken by R. Rabendorn.(IL)

soundsample1soundsample2 | soundsample3 | soundsample4
-->Review (Engl. Heathen Harvest)
-->Review (Engl. Judas Kiss)

A few in stock!

Digital Version in all formats incl full resolution artwork (booklet version)
Immediate download!
Buy officially here